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Gas turbine engine solar saturn10 version t1302 assembly

Gas turbine engine solar saturn10 version t1302 assembly
Gas turbine engine solar saturn10 version t1302 assembly
Россия, Белгородская область, Белгород, Россия, Белгород
Цена: $ 361 000


Selling Solar Saturn10- Version T1302.
Solar Saturn10 Version T1302 Gas Turbine Engine Assembly.
Assembled and tested.
Quantity - 2 pieces.
Solar Saturn10- Version T1302 - Right Hand
Dual Fuel configuration
RPM: 22300
Horse Power: 1360
50 Hertz
Package Contents: Gas turbine engine assembly, dual-fuel, right-hand rotation and Power turbine assembly, right-hand rotation.
Condition: Overhaul completed. Supporting documents are available. The tests were carried out at the stand. After overhaul, operating time "0" hours.
The actual operating time before overhaul is 40,000 hours.
Component warranty.
All guarantees will be specified in the contract.
Delivery: 4-8 weeks ready
Payment terms: 60% with the order, 40% before shipment.
In addition, we have the opportunity to offer to this complete set: Gearbox (gearbox) of the auxiliary drive assembly.
Reducer (gearbox) in stock.
Quantity - 2 pieces.
On request, we have the opportunity to organize the supply of gas turbine engines Solar, GE of any model and gearboxes for them.
Development of technical specifications
(Technical inquiry) based on repair documentation.
We provide services for troubleshooting gas turbines, conducting Inspections, overhaul, refurbishment.
Please contact our duty engineers and consultants for more detailed information.
Please contact by WhatsApp +79788975009 or Telegram +380968491702
Сайт: http://stanok-expert.ds31.ru
$ 361 000


Категория: Для бизнеса
Подкатегория: Оборудование
Область, город: Белгородская область, Белгород
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Дата публикации: 30 ноября в 1:49
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$ 361 000
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